Understanding What an Acoustic Ceiling Is

An “acoustic ceiling”, which is also known by such names as “cottage cheese ceiling” or “popcorn ceiling,” is the industry term that was coined to describe a specific type of spray-on procedure that was popularly used from the 1950’s through the 1980’s in many areas of the United States for both commercial and residential construction alike. Acoustic ceilings were mainly utilized in areas of the home such as bedrooms, family rooms, and hallways; areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathroom(s) were treated in a smooth finish method which allowed for these rooms to be simpler when it came to cleaning. Acoustic ceilings were popular mainly for their excellent ability to hide flaws, minor ceiling damage, and other imperfections. The brilliant white-colored appearance also was a great option for helping to minimize the appearance of dirt. It was also a great option to use when noise reduction was necessary.

Acoustic Ceiling

Primary Characteristics of an Acoustic Ceiling

Acoustic ceilings have the primary characteristic of being quite bumpy. Since the material is one that is quite porous, upkeep and repair of the surface can be quite troublesome and often expensive. The bumpy texture is notorious for catching and trapping all sorts of grime, dust, and other bacteria within the home. These dirt and grime collections can impact the overall health of a household, causing various allergic reactions and symptoms of respiratory distress. Cleaning the surface of these textured ceilings is difficult, as flaking and crumbling occur with age and deterioration. This can actually add to the messes within one’s home. White asbestos was commonly found in the spray-on texture up until the 1980’s; we now know that asbestos poses serious health risks, including the possibility of causing a very serious type of cancer known as mesothelioma. All of these factors have served a major role in the use of acoustic ceilings falling out of style in recent decades. Now, many homeowners choose to remove acoustic ceilings in their home, and prefer the look of either a knockdown texture finish, or the more modern and fresh smooth finish for their ceilings.

Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Acoustic ceiling removal, also referred to as popcorn ceiling removal, can be a very messy undertaking if the correct precautions are not taken. The task of preparing an area for its removal is one of the most significant steps of the entire process. The walls, flooring, and furniture in an area need to be properly secured and protected against the mess. This is done by carefully covering the area from floor to ceiling with drop cloths and plastic sheeting, carefully ensuring that the walls, the flooring, and any furniture are protected from any potential damage. A failure to take the correct precautions in protecting the area and furnishings can result in a significant mess and damage to your home and property. Ross Brothers is committed to focusing on the details, and take the time and care necessary to ensure that your home is properly prepped. Our professionalism and dedication to our motto of “Exceptional Craftsmanship and Service” means that you can count on us to finish the task of removing acoustic ceilings without any mess or clutter left over afterwards.

After properly preparing the area, the acoustic ceiling is now ready to come down. The texture on the ceiling is sprayed with a sufficient amount of water to help moisten and loosen the acoustic texture. After which the texture is ready to be scraped clean, all the way down to the drywall. Since Ross Brothers has already taken the time and care necessary to prepare your home with plastic sheeting and drop cloths, the texture will fall directly onto these sheets and cloths, making the removal of the mess one that is easy for our professional technicians to dispose of for you. Once the ceiling is scraped and has time to dry, visible signs of imperfections to the drywall are then checked for because damage such as holes, cracks, and other visible flaws are common. We then begin the process of taking the necessary steps to correct and repair these imperfections accordingly. Once repairs are completed, the surface is sanded to smooth perfection; the desired ceiling finish is then applied. Either the more contemporary knockdown ceiling texture, or a more modern and sophisticated looking smooth ceiling finish.

The Acoustic Ceiling Removal Specialists

Removing acoustic ceilings can certainly be an exhaustive, messy, time intensive, and sometimes challenging and complicated task. This is especially true when attempting to do it yourself, or enlisting help with a lack of skill or experience. Ross Brothers are the professionals you can count on to remove your acoustic ceilings the right way, the first time. Give us a call today at 844-201-8283 for Miami-Dade,  954-246-0883 for Broward residents, or   561-258-9468 for Palm Beach County for a free estimate, and make certain to check out our 100% no mess guarantee.

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