Textured Ceiling Options for Your Home A textured ceiling is a type of drywall completion technique that is applied to the ceilings of your home for the purpose of modernizing or renovation. One of the most popular types of textured ceiling options is that of Knock-down texture. This finish is achieved utilizing a water based

Understanding What an Acoustic Ceiling Is An “acoustic ceiling”, which is also known by such names as “cottage cheese ceiling” or “popcorn ceiling,” is the industry term that was coined to describe a specific type of spray-on procedure that was popularly used from the 1950’s through the 1980’s in many areas of the United States

A Smooth Finish to Your Ceiling The term “smooth finish” is an industry term that refers to a specific type of drywall completion method, typically done after popcorn removal. With close to 30 years’ of experience and the highest level of quality, Ross Brothers are the smooth finish experts you want to complete the project

A Painting Company Offering All-In-One Service When considering the option of popcorn removal within their homes, many homeowners may actually be doing double the work of finding the right company to handle their project. South Florida homeowners may be seeking out a company that specializes in popcorn removal, and then searching for another separate painting

At Your Service For Painting Services Interior or exterior, a brand new coat of paint has the ability to visually transform the look and feel of your home, dramatically improving its aesthetic charm and value. Ross Brothers is happy to offer the absolute best painting services for all of your residential or commercial needs. Painting

Understanding What a Knockdown Finish Is The term “knockdown finish” is one that is used to describe a particular type of drywall completion technique commonly used in modernizing and renovating ceilings and walls within a home. Ross Brothers is highly experienced and exceptionally skilled at applying this particular type of ceiling finish, qualifying us as

No Mess Popcorn Removal in Your Home Removing popcorn ceiling texture in your home is an extremely messy job. Many local popcorn removal companies may be able to assist you with getting the acoustic ceiling texture removed from your ceilings, but Ross Brothers offers no mess popcorn removal with a 100% guarantee that after completing

Improving Curb Appeal With Exterior Painting Improving the curb appeal of your home or storefront is easily accomplished with exterior painting. As an exterior painting contractor, Ross Brothers knows exactly what it takes to drastically improve the look of your property with a painting project for the exterior. The outside of a building is the

Considering an Interior Painting Project Many home and business owners may possibly be considering an interior painting project as a great way to renew and spruce up the interior of a home or business. While painting the interior of a space may seem straightforward enough, it is often an extremely time intensive and messy task,

Finding A Painting Contractor in Your Area One of the best methods to renew a single room within a home, or even the entire home, is with a fresh new coat of paint. When considering a painting project, the process of finding a painting contractor in your area doesn’t have to be difficult. The best