“Smooth finish” is a drywall completion method used to update and/or renovate your existing ceiling or walls. A smooth finish is in high demand and it is being requested by many homeowners who want to improve the aesthetic and visual beauty of their homes. Most consumers associate a popcorn ceiling with the 60’s to 80’s,

Interior painting is by far one of the best ways to freshen up a single room or the entire home. Starting an interior painting project can be both thrilling and exhilarating but if you don’t have the appropriate equipment or experience, it can easily turn into a time consuming task with a lot of splattered

A new paint job can aesthetically transform the look of a home or business and it will drastically increase its curb appeal. If your exterior paint is beginning to crack, it’s peeling, chalking, blistering or fading, don’t wait any longer and call Ross Brothers. Painting the exterior of your investment will prolong its life by

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Hollywood Basic Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Hollywood Remove a popcorn textured ceiling in Hollywood in requires preparing the room, wetting the ceiling, scraping the “popcorn” material off the ceiling and using joint compound to recover any bare joints and eroded nail holes – leaving your ceiling ready to be painted or textured

Ceiling Texture Hollywood What is Popcorn Ceiling Texture in Hollywood? A popcorn ceiling texture in Hollywood, also known as cottage cheese ceiling or more accurately a Stucco ceiling, is a term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction. It was the standard for

Popcorn Ceiling Fort Lauderdale Asbestos in a Popcorn Ceiling in Fort Lauderdale There are many older homes that have asbestos in their popcorn ceiling in Fort Lauderdale. If you have an older home that has textured ceilings and you want sell it you should probably do what before placing the house on the market? In