Call Ross Brothers for Professional Ceiling Texture in Plantation

Do you have a modern, sleek ceiling texture with a smooth finish or do you still have that dreary popcorn ceiling? Believe it or not, popcorn ceiling texture was very popular from the 1950s to the 1980s but it was discovered that many contain asbestos which are a hazard to your health. Today many people prefer to have an updated and modern style in order to obtain a more sophisticated feeling. If you are tired of your old popcorn ceiling texture in Plantation and would like a free estimate for fast, beautiful new ceilings or any other painting services, call Ross Brothers today at 954 281-4088.

Plantation is Going With New Ceiling Texture, Call Ross Brothers Today

Most ceiling textures are usually an applied treatment over your ceiling which was popular because it hid imperfections very well. Removing it requires a process of scraping it off but should only be done by a certified company. Before you try doing it yourself and making a mess, call the professionals at Ross Brothers who can do neat and clean work. Not only can an amateur damage the original ceiling but without the proper tools and procedures they can also release dangerous asbestos into the air. Ross Brothers is backed by over 20 years of experience in popcorn removal, painting, general contracting services and applying new ceiling texture in Plantation and the South Florida area.

Ross Brothers will Make Sure to Surpass your High Expectations

If you have an old worn ceiling texture in Plantation, the removal can be painless when you hire Ross Brothers. After having the Ross Brothers professionals remove the popcorn ceiling texture, clients may opt for a knock-down textured look or go a bit more modern with a smooth finish. Ross Brothers can perform this process neatly without any damage to your home or business, leaving only an updated ceiling as evidence. Ross Brothers is licensed and fully insured for painting, popcorn removal and all general contracting services in the State of Florida. Our skilled crew will always arrive on time, in clean company uniforms ready to offer the utmost respect and courtesy to the clients. Ross Brothers’ technicians are highly trained with years of experience and will provide the best possible work for your ceiling project in order to surpass your high expectations.

Call Ross Brothers to Remove that Eyesore with 100% No Mess Guarantee

Upon project completion, a Ross Brothers’ quality assurance supervisor checks the job with the customer to make sure professional standards and customer satisfaction have been achieved. If you’re ready to remove that eyesore and put a new updated look into your property, Ross Brothers is the company to call. Ross Brothers has the experienced professional technicians and equipment to make your ceilings and walls look like new again at a price that fits within your budget. Call us today at 954 281-4088 for a free estimate for a new ceiling texture in Plantation and don’t forget to ask about our 100% no mess guarantee.