Drywall Repair the Right Way

Drywall (also referred to as plasterboard, sheetrock, or even gypsum board) is a building material commonly used in construction for the creation of interior walls and ceilings in both residential and commercial structures. Sometimes, walls sustain damage due to a variety of reasons. If your wall is cut, slashed, or smashed and a hole is created, drywall hole repair becomes necessary. In that event, make sure that you contact Ross Brothers to ensure that the drywall repair you require is done right. Over the years, drywall construction has continued to change and evolve; drywall is a popular material because of its quick and straight forward installation, as well as the added benefit of fire-resistant characteristics. With so many vast uses and requirements for drywall, it truly takes experts to understand what the particular project calls for and the best way to get it done; that kind of knowledge, experience, and expertise is something that Ross Brothers is able to provide to you.

Drywall Repair That Is Durable

Not only is drywall regarded as being tough and very durable, it is also a material that is easier and simpler to repair compared to other material choices. Strong as drywall is, it is only able to endure so much abuse before damage necessitating drywall repair becomes necessary. In some cases, small fractures in the drywall may require drywall crack repair, while more extensive damage may necessitate larger and more comprehensive repair approaches. No matter what the size of the crack or hole, Ross Brothers is able to assist you with getting the type of drywall repair that is durable and tough.

Drywall Repair

Ross Brothers Provides Drywall Repair for:

  • Small, medium, and large holes.
  • Nail and/or screw holes.
  • Saturated or leaking ceilings and walls.
  • Holes or damage caused by door-knobs.
  • Battered corners
  • Cracks on ceiling and walls

Ross Brothers Will Work Drywall Repair by:

  • Prepping the area needing repair of any obvious dust and/or dirt.
  • Carefully cutting the right size drywall to fill the openings of larger areas requiring drywall repair.
  • Using the appropriate mesh, drywall tape, or wall patch for each job.
  • Using the right amount of compound to entirely cover the area requiring repair.
  • Sanding the repaired area, ensuring that the finish of the area is smooth and flush with the existing wall or ceiling.
  • Using the right wall or ceiling texture as needed.
  • Priming the fixed surface to prepare it for an excellent paint application.

The Ross Brothers Way

With close to 30 years of providing affordable drywall repair to residential and commercial clients alike in Florida, Ross Brothers is the name you can trust for all of your repair needs, from ceiling drywall repair to popcorn removal and more. We believe strongly in maintaining constant, open, and honest communication with our clients throughout the entire process of a project. We strive to deliver, time and again, our company motto of Exceptional Craftsmanship & Service each and every time, with each and every project. Give us a call today at 561-258-9468 Palm Beach County, 954-246-0883 Broward or 844-201-8283 Miami-Dade County to request a free estimate and check out our 100% no mess guarantee.

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