Knock Down Ceiling Creates New Dimension

Are you thinking about how you can make some changes to your home or business to make it a bit more up to date and add some depth you haven’t had before? You can create a modern look, and at the same time add character to your ceilings in one easy step with the addition of a new knock down ceiling. A stucco like texture is sprayed onto your ceiling, and then flattened out with a wide drywall knife. It also serves as a useful tool to conceal slight imperfections that sometimes occur in older homes. It also is a very popular option in replacing an old popcorn ceiling that is terribly outdated and considered ugly. You know the look, it’s a great way to add dimension just by adding a knock down ceiling in Palm Springs homes. If you would like to find out more, including popcorn removal, or drywall repair, please call us at 561-258-9468. We can come out today and help you with questions, and provide a 100% guarantee free estimate for the entire project.

Palm Springs Homes Get the Look They Want With Knock Down Ceiling

If Ross Brothers is doing the work, you will see our technicians come to the job in clean company uniforms, and dedicated to keeping the work site clean. That’s just how we do it. Before we start any work, every precaution is taken to protect and tape off the work area, covering everything that needs to be protected in a heavy tarp. You will never worry about any damage to your flooring, furniture, or any other areas in your home from a mess that can get created in the process. Then, everything is wrapped up and taken away leaving your home as clean as before. Then, a field supervisor will personally review the entire project with you to be sure we’ve maintained your high standards of satisfaction.

Prep Before Knock Down Ceiling Texture Installation

If you currently have a smooth ceiling texture and you’re looking for a new knock down ceiling in Palm Springs, then the process is fairly simple by adding the texture and smoothing it down into a sculptured design. If however, you currently still have a popcorn ceiling, we will need to remove that prior to the knock down application. This is definitely a job for professionals since there can be a lot of damage done to an underlying ceiling, as well as maintaining the mess of the falling popcorn during removal. Our pros have strict protocols to seal off the work area, to contain the dust and debris from making its way elsewhere in your home.

Let’s Get Your Project Started

In addition to popcorn removal, and the application of knock down ceiling in Palm Springs homes, we also provide all interior and exterior house painting services, as well as drywall repair all around South Florida. A call to Ross Brothers can eliminate any worries about getting all types of badly needed updates around your home in Palm Springs. We’ll gladly send a representative to your home when it’s convenient for you, and he’ll prepare a fully guaranteed, no-obligation estimate. If you’ve decided that you’d like to look into having a knock down ceiling in Palm Springs, please call us at 561-258-9468. One quick call is all it takes to get things started.