Modern Knock Down Ceiling in Royal Palm Beach

From the 1950s into the early 70’s a popular ceiling in South Florida for residential construction was a texture known as a popcorn ceiling. Applied by a paint spray-on system, it created a cottage cheese look which was known in the industry as popcorn. The ceiling texture in these homes during that time period are likely to contain a hazardous material known as asbestos, as well as paint that contained lead. Both of these materials can be hazardous to your health and harmful if inhaled. Considered ugly and outdated today, many residents are replacing these ceilings with a more modern contemporary knock down ceiling. This has proven to be an attractive solution for older ceilings, so for numerous reasons people are converting to a knock down ceiling in Royal Palm Beach. The process can be both extremely messy, as well as potentially dangerous if not handled by a professional who can contain the dust and debris from the falling texture. If you are tired of your old popcorn ceiling and would like a free estimate for a fast, beautiful new knock down ceiling in Royal Palm Beach or any other painting services, call Ross Brothers today at 561-258-9468.

Satisfied Customers with Knock Down Ceilings in Royal Palm Beach

We offer a multitude of services at Ross Brothers. We handle drywall repair, painting services, interior and exterior house painting as well as knock down ceiling in Royal Palm Beach and throughout South Florida. Our customers have already experienced the unsurpassed quality guarantee we give with 100% satisfaction. A small part of how we treat all our customers is by always arriving at the time we say we will and with a friendly smile. Dressed in clean company uniforms, we get started right away. In our first meeting, we tell you exactly how long your project will take, and we make sure we are done when we say. We know how important this is to you since our work is a slight interruption to your everyday life, and you need to tend to your busy schedule. Since most jobs we do could be extremely nerve racking to the homeowner because of the potential risk of damage to other parts of your home, (like floors and furniture), we are dedicated to both expert work as well as a keeping it all clean and neat, and go to great lengths to protect those other areas in your home. Once you see the care that goes into taping off the other areas, and protecting your belongings, you will sit back and relax with no stress or worries.

Popcorn to Knock Down Ceiling in Royal Palm Beach

Replace that old 70s-era popcorn ceiling with a new knock down ceiling in Royal Palm Beach. We have the trained experts who know how to come in and get the job done right away. Ross Brothers is backed by over 20 years experience in serving this area’s homes, and in converting your ceiling texture to something new and up to date. You’ll feel much better when that popcorn ceiling is gone once and for all, and your new knock down ceiling will look just like those installed in newly constructed homes.

One Quick Call Starts Everything

Cleanliness and neatness is always a priority with Ross Brothers, and our crews have both the talent and the equipment to do your job the way you’d expect. Our clients love the way we perform our work, and your knock down ceiling in Royal Palm Beach will be done stress, and worry free. Enjoy our modem, hassle-free way of doing business. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you to address all your painting and texturing needs. Those nice, new knock down ceilings are just one quick call away. When you call us a 561-258-9468, we’ll arrange for a visit by one of our estimators. He’ll promptly provide an estimate that is fully guaranteed.