Understanding What a Knockdown Finish Is

The term “knockdown finish” is one that is used to describe a particular type of drywall completion technique commonly used in modernizing and renovating ceilings and walls within a home. Ross Brothers is highly experienced and exceptionally skilled at applying this particular type of ceiling finish, qualifying us as veritable knockdown finish experts. Utilizing a completely safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous watered down material, this particular drywall treatment and finishing method achieves a mottled or stippled surface pattern/texture. Knockdown gets its name from the process of the end-stages of the project. After the texture material is applied, it begins to form stalactites as it dries. Once it is finished drying, a tool called a knockdown knife is used to, literally, knockdown those stalactites. This leaves the ceiling with a texture that is then referred to as knockdown. This particular type of ceiling/drywall treatment is one that is very popular with homeowners, as it is a nice middle ground between the older and more dated “popcorn” finish, and the totally smooth and super modern smooth finish.

Knockdown Finish

Why Consider A Knockdown Finish In Your Home?

With a knockdown finish, hiding stains or possible flaws on your ceiling and walls is easier to do. Not only can this particular ceiling treatment offer great camouflage for imperfections, it’s also another one of many straight forward approaches to home improvement resulting in adding a brand new and distinctive appearance to your home’s interior. The mottled pattern of this particular ceiling finish is one that offers an intriguing but still subtle look to your home’s ceilings; adding definition and character without drawing too much visual focus from other design aspects within your home. When you are considering an economical approach to achieve a more modern and contemporary look in your home, consider popcorn removal with knockdown finish services from the experts here at Ross Brothers. With close to 30 years in the industry, we are definitely the experts you can count on to deliver on the promise of Exceptional Craftsmanship & Service for all of your ceiling needs, as well as all of your home improvement projects.

Getting the Best Results for Your Knockdown Finish

When you are seeking out the absolute best knockdown finish contractor, you needn’t look any further than Ross Brothers. We have highly skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals that specialize in the process of popcorn removal as well as the application of knockdown finish to both ceilings and walls. When your home deserves the absolute best, you can always count on us to be the very best. Call today at 844-201-8283 for Miami-Dade,  954-246-0883 for Broward residents, or   561-258-9468 for Palm Beach County residents to schedule an appointment for your free estimate. Don’t forget to inquire about the Ross Brothers’ 100% No Mess Guarantee!

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