Painting Services for Ceiling Texture Hollywood

Painting Services for Popcorn Ceiling Texture in Hollywood Homes

In this article we will discuss why you may want to use a painting service for the popcorn ceilings in your Hollywood home.  Recently a couple of our professional drywall installers , who work hand in hand with our popcorn removal and interior painting crews got into a discussion about the pitfalls of removing popcorn ceilings, either by a DIY or a pro. For the sake of this post, I’m not going to go into the whole asbestos discussion. Nope, for this post we’re going to talk about paint, because if your popcorn ceilings are painted–according to the pros–you will not be able to remove them. Basically, if it’s still the original plaster, it’ll come off; if it’s been painted, it’s pretty much a done deal.

So how do you handle a painted popcorn ceiling?

According to these two guys the thing to do would be to scrape/sand it down a bit and then re-texture it to something more pleasing, because getting it totally smooth would be next to impossible–even for them. They also told stories of clients actually replacing the painted, pop-corned drywall to get the smooth look they desired. Both options made me think people who dislike the lumpy texture might want to learn how to love–or at least not hate–their popcorn ceilings.

So how do you learn to not hate a popcorn ceiling?

First is to address your lighting. Flush ceiling lights cast light straight out and over that popcorn and create tremendous shadows making the lumps look even lumpier. A better option is to switch to more directional alternatives. Namely, fixtures that point down instead of out.

If you can’t or don’t want to change out your light fixtures, consider using bulbs that cast softer light or, when appropriate, try using silver bottomed bulbs, which work particularly well for keeping light from casting up/out. Experiment with them in things such as wall sconces and even table lamps, if you really want to tone down the up light effect.

Another thing that will tone down a painted popcorn ceiling is actually more paint. Nothing draws the eye up more than dirt and stains on a ceiling, but a cobweb brush and fresh coat of paint will take care of those. The point is, most people probably won’t notice what your ceilings look like unless they’re dirty or stained.

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