Help With Popcorn Ceiling in Lighthouse Point

Today, it’s sometimes hard to believe that the popcorn ceiling found on so many residential homes across the state of Florida was all the rage in the 1970s. Well, trends in interior design inevitably change, just like other trends in clothing, cars, etc. If you’ve gotten a bit weary of those old popcorn ceilings, we at Ross Brothers can help you out. Our technicians are skilled at removing that out-of-style texture. They can return your ceilings to a beautiful smooth finish that will look like new after painting by our crew. Or, our experienced, capable pros can apply a modern stucco or knockdown texture to add class and value to your home. Ross Brothers may be a relatively new company in south Florida, but the co-owners back it with their 20-years of combined experience. If you’re ready to say good-bye to that popcorn ceiling in Lighthouse Point, contact us to arrange for a free consultation. Call us at 954-246-0883, and we’ll get you beautiful, modern ceilings.

No Fuss with Us Removing your Popcorn Ceiling in Lighthouse Point

We bring a modernized, truly professional approach to our customer’s homes. For instance, our crew will arrive in company uniforms that are kept clean. We stress cleanliness and tidiness throughout every popcorn ceiling in Lighthouse Point project. Popcorn removal can get messy, but we keep dust and dirt from spreading where it’s not wanted. The removal of that old texture is a job for professionals because, much of the time, the popcorn texture contains asbestos. Our crew will employ the necessary techniques to keep everything fully under control. You’ll rest easier knowing that the substance is now gone from your home.

From Dated to Contemporary

Once your popcorn ceiling in Lighthouse Point is gone, you’ll wonder why you lived with that “70s look” for so long. Our highly trained technicians understand that popcorn removal must be done “just right.” For example, a light water mist on the old texture will make it easier to scrap off. However, if there is too little water, the removal process gets very tough. On the other hand, too much water can actually damage the wallboard that lies beneath the popcorn texture. At Ross Brothers, your complete satisfaction is always our top priority. For example, we always send a field supervisor over to meet with you near the conclusion of the project. This supervisor will review every aspect of the job to make sure that everything has been completed the way you wanted it.

Please Call Ross Brothers Today

If the time has finally come to rid your home of that old popcorn texture, we certainly would welcome the opportunity to earn your business. Our skilled technicians will transform your popcorn ceiling in Lighthouse Point into a modern, 21st century part of your home. Enjoy the smooth ceiling, or have our texture pros add a stucco or knockdown texture to your ceilings. Remember that our crew will keep things clean and neat throughout the process. At Ross Brothers, we have the appropriate popcorn removal equipment and the skilled personnel needed to make your ceilings look fresh and renewed. Please give call us today at 954-246-0883, and get a free, fully guaranteed estimate.