An Old Popcorn Ceiling in Palm Beach Homes

Decades ago, most home interiors were finished off with a popcorn ceiling. Palm Beach homes still to this day have this original ceiling, and we now know more about this potentially hazardous material. Asbestos was often used as part of the material that created the look of popcorn on the ceiling. This material has been found to cause cancer if the dust from the popcorn is inhaled over a period of time. Ross Brothers’ expert technicians know how to safely remove this material, and at the same time protect your home and furnishings and family during the process. Now that you are ready to have your old popcorn ceiling removed and would like a free estimate for fast, beautiful new ceilings or any other painting services, call Ross Brothers today at 561-258-9468.


Popcorn Ceiling an Old Look in Palm Beach


For someone to attempt removal of a popcorn ceiling by themselves can be quite a very messy, time consuming and highly dangerous as it may contain asbestos. If you are not aware on how to go about removing this possibly very toxic substance you may be exposing you and your family to this highly dangerous material. Having a professional company handle the removal of a popcorn ceiling in Palm Beach is essential because we understand and know exactly how it should be done in the safest possible way. Ross Brothers is backed by over 20 years of experience in general contracting, painting and popcorn removal services in the South Florida area. We specialize in removing popcorn ceilings quickly, neatly and will also dispose of the old ceiling materials properly in accordance with local area hazardous waste material codes.

Removing Your Popcorn Ceiling is Done in a Neat and Clean Manner


The first thing we do is protect your flooring, walls and all furnishings to get ready to begin the process of removing your popcorn ceiling in Palm Beach. We have to first soften the existing texture with a special spray, and then it will be scraped clean with a variety of tools, to allow for a new modern texture or smooth finish of your choosing. Always accomplished in a clean and neat way with the goal of protecting your walls, all trim of any kind, light fixtures, carpeting and furniture. Our technicians will leave your home just as they found it when they arrived, except for the addition of a beautiful and new modern look.

A New Ceiling Texture Makes a Much Better Statement


Whether you’ve just bought a new home, or if you have finally decided it’s time to make some updates to your place, one of those updates need to be your popcorn ceiling. Palm Beach homes for years have had the same original popcorn ceiling from when the home was built back in the 60’s. A popcorn ceiling in Palm Beach homes has been considered not only outdated, but also can cause health conditions to your family. A call to Ross Brothers is a smart decision to have this material safely removed, and create a whole new feel that you can be proud of. Call us today at 561-258-9468 and find out how affordable, and to learn more about our 100% no mess guarantee.