Yes, You Can Update a Popcorn Ceiling in Parkland

Do you find yourself sometimes not wanting to even look up at your outdated popcorn ceiling in your home? If so, the good news is that our skilled technicians at Ross Brothers can safely remove that popcorn texture so that it becomes nothing more than a distant memory. Back in the 1970s, popcorn ceilings in Parkland homes were quite popular. Inevitably though, tastes change, and now other textures are usually preferred. In fact, a decision to update a popcorn ceiling will even make your home a bit more saleable if you choose to put it on the market at some point. Ross Brothers is a newer south Florida painting contractor that employs experts in popcorn removal. Our crew will arrive with the proper equipment necessary to eliminate that outdated look, and leave you with a clean, area that can be finished how in whatever way you wish. If the time has come to eliminate the popcorn from your home, please call us at 954-246-0883 to arrange for a free estimate. Our estimates are always free and fully guaranteed.

A Modern, Professional Approach with your Popcorn ceiling in Parkland

Removing a Popcorn ceiling in Parkland is not a job for just anyone. Many of Florida’s popcorn ceilings actually contain asbestos. A crew must know exactly how to prevent any asbestos-laden dust or other material from getting beyond the work area. This is a key reason why our emphasis on cleanliness and neatness is so crucial. With Ross Brothers‘ meticulous approach, you’ll be confident and worry-free from start to finish. Once the texture is gone, you’ll wonder how you lived with it, and why you waited so long. After the texture is removed, we can simply leave you with a nice smooth ceiling or we can apply a modern texture like knockdown or stucco. Then, we’ll apply a nice, fresh coat of paint in the color of your choice. At that point, your ceilings will be as new as those in newly constructed homes.

A Customer-centered Concept

The owners of Ross Brothers bring over 20 years of combined painting and removal of popcorn ceiling in Parkland experience to the company. Customer service is the highest of priorities, and that is exemplified like no other company. Only experience technicians, texturers and painters are considered to bring on board at Ross Brothers. Then, the co-owners share their insight and expertise that they’ve gained over the years to the people they bring into the company. All employees then share the same strong conviction with the company concept that 100-percent customer satisfaction is indeed possible. As your project nears completion, a field supervisor meets with you to review every element of your important job. He won’t be satisfied until he is sure that you are.

A Fully Guaranteed Estimate Awaits

Do you want do finally bid farewell to your popcorn ceilings? If so, we are ready to help you finally update that old look, and give you a quote on how affordable removal of popcorn ceiling in Parkland can be. Once you decide to work with Ross Brothers, you will know when the job will be completed. We will give you an accurate date of when you can expect all the work to be done. Remember, a clean and neat work site is a key priority at Ross Brothers. To transform those outdated popcorn ceilings into ones that are more attractive and that even add value, please arrange for an estimator to visit. Contact us at 954-246-0883, and take that all-important first step to new, modern ceilings.