Improving the over-all look and feel of a room may be as easy and effective as simply updating the ceiling. Many homes, particularly those built during and before the 1980’s, have acoustic ceilings. These are also sometimes commonly referred to as “popcorn ceilings.” Although it may be a matter of personal tastes and opinions, many people feel as though the popcorn ceiling look is outdated and not entirely attractive. If you have a popcorn ceiling, contacting an experienced and trusted local contractor, such as Ross Brothers, to remove it is a great idea.

An option for improving the ceiling in any room of the house may be that of ceiling medallions. There are many different options for ceiling medallions. They can be used to draw attention to certain focal points of a room, such as chandeliers or light fixtures. They can also help to enhance the moulding of a room. However, why stop there? Another option that may fit your room and tastes is to cover the entire ceiling in smaller medallions, almost like tile for your ceiling.

Medallions come in many shapes and sizes. Additionally, they are also available in a variety of styles. The chances are actually quite good that you will be able to find a medallion (or multiple medallions) that will be a match for the particular style and taste you would like.

Installing a ceiling medallion (or ceiling medallions) is a relatively easy and not very time-consuming project that you can do yourself. However, like many things, it is sometimes easier to ensure everything is done right and looks good by calling in the help of a professional. If you want to guarantee that the idea you have in your head matches as closely as possible to the reality, backed by 27 years of experience; contact Ross Brothers today at 954-281-4088 in Broward County or 561-203-3398 in Palm Beach County.

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