Call Ross Brothers for Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Miramar

Most people hate the dated appearance of a bumpy, cottage cheese or popcorn ceiling; so before you move in, get ready to sell or remodel, consider what a brand new ceiling will look like. When it comes to the removal of old style popcorn textured ceilings, no one knows the removal process better than the professional technicians of Ross Brothers. Our company is backed by over 20 years of experience in popcorn removal, painting and general contracting for residential and commercial buildings throughout Broward and the Palm Beach counties. If you are tired of your old popcorn ceiling and would like a free estimate for popcorn ceiling removal in Miramar or any other painting services, call Ross Brothers today at 954-246-0883.

With Ross Brothers the Job isn’t done Until you are 100% Satisfied with your Popcorn Ceiling in Miramar

Deciding on whom to call for your popcorn ceiling removal in Miramar is easy because popcorn ceiling removal is what we do best. All of Ross Brothers’ technicians provide a professional image while delivering unmatched results. Our commitment to exceeding customer’s expectations is what sets us apart in a world of fly by night operators. Ross Brothers understands our reputation depends on your satisfaction; therefore the job isn’t done until you are 100% satisfied with the work. A Ross Brothers’ quality assurance supervisor checks every job upon completion and reviews the job with the client to make sure the client gets exactly what they want. Our customers speak honestly when they say “I would hire them again”.

Cleanliness, Neatness and Attention to Detail are Very Important to Us

Ross Brother’s popcorn ceiling removal allows you to have the ceiling you want, at a price you can afford, with as little hassle as possible. Whether you decide on a smooth modern ceiling or a knock-down texture, rest assured that cleanliness, neatness and attention to detail are very important to Ross Brothers’ technicians. Our services for popcorn ceiling removal in Miramar includes, removing and covering furniture, sealing the area to prevent dust from spreading, scraping the popcorn texture, doing drywall repairs if necessary, re-texturing, followed by a complete painting of the surface. The final fresh coat of paint completes the ceiling which transforms your house from dated to fabulous.

Call Today for a Free Estimate with our 100% No Mess Guarantee

Sometimes having popcorn ceiling removal isn’t just a cosmetic issue, water damage from a leaky roof, pipe, or a hot water tank can lead to significant ceiling damage.  Ross Brothers has the proper tools and supplies to complete any large or small, residential or commercial, popcorn ceiling removal job at an affordable rate. Ross Brothers has the experienced professional technicians and equipment necessary to make your ceilings and walls look like new again. Call us today at 954-246-0883 for a free estimate for popcorn ceiling removal in Miramar with our 100% no mess guarantee.