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Everyone likes to think they are keeping up with today’s new styles in clothes, cars, and their homes. Every day you can look through the home decorating magazines, and we guarantee that you will never see any of the homes showing a popcorn ceiling as part of the look. That’s because they have been outdated, and people have had them removed from their homes long ago for many reasons. First off, have you ever tried to clean that texture? Painting the popcorn is almost impossible as well since getting the popcorn wet, softens the bubble like texture, and ruins the original look. Just get rid of it already. It’s terribly outdated and there is a possibility it contains the dangerous chemical asbestos. For people looking to update the look of their home, an easy affordable answer is by having popcorn ceiling removal in your North Palm Beach home. Give Ross Brothers a call today at 561 203-3398 for a free estimate for beautiful new ceilings with a more modern look.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Done, Now What?

What do you see when you browse through the decorating magazines since it’s definitely not popcorn ceilings? What you will see, is just what Ross Brothers offers for replacing that old look. Many people appreciate the always coveted nice smooth ceiling. Another popular look you can add to your home is the textured look of a knock down, or maybe stucco. Whatever look you want to go with, Ross Brothers can help you choose what will fit best with your lifestyle, and your existing décor. You definitely have to start by having popcorn ceiling removal in North Palm Beach homes first, and leave it all up to us. We’ll transform your space and increase it in value at the same time.

The Quality We Offer

To have this type of work done in your home requires the expertise of trained professionals to cleanly and efficiently remove it. Ross Brothers provides the expertise for your popcorn ceiling removal in North Palm Beach, and we also offer other types of work like commercial or residential painting. Backed by over 20 years experience, we offer the safe alternative to popcorn ceiling removal. North Palm Beach homes build prior to the early 70’s quite often had asbestos as part of the material in these ceilings and if and when the texture starts to get scraped off, or gets hit, the material can fly around the room and cause health issues if continually inhaled, and has been linked to cancer. Why risk your family’s health? Highly trained technicians from Ross Brothers take all the required steps to insure your family’s safety.

Ready to Get Started?

Understanding popcorn ceiling removal in your North Palm Beach home really is not a do-it-yourself project, you now know who to call. Every technician from Ross Brothers arrives in a clean company uniform. Each is professionally trained, certified and possesses years of experience in popcorn ceiling removal. Our experienced technicians and equipment can eliminate those old popcorn ceilings and make your ceilings and walls look like new again. Call Ross Brothers today at 561 203-3398 for your free, completely guaranteed estimate.