Acoustic ceilings, or as they’re more commonly known, popcorn ceilings, can be an eyesore in even the most gorgeous of homes. From the 1950’s to the 1980’s, the spray-on procedure was popular because of its ability to hide a lot of imperfections in the ceiling, its ability to reduce noise, and also because it was easy for builders to apply.

Not just ugly, but potentially unhealthy!

The bumpy texture of acoustic ceilings isn’t exactly the easiest surface to clean. Not only do these ceilings have the ability to capture excess sound, but they’re also great at capturing dirt, germs, and dust. These ceiling dwelling dust bunnies can have adverse effects on the health of you and your family, by creating allergies and causing or contributing to respiratory illnesses. During the height of popularity for acoustic ceilings (1950’s to about 1980), asbestos was used as a binder in the spray-on texture. It doesn’t generally pose a health risk so long as it is left in place. However, acoustic ceilings can begin to crumble and get flaky as they deteriorate with age. This can possibly stir up fibers which can become trapped in your lungs. Don’t worry, though… Testing for asbestos isn’t difficult, and is not super costly either.

What to do about acoustic ceilings?

Provided that there’s no asbestos present, one option for dealing with an acoustic ceiling is a fresh coat of paint. That’ll help…. A little. In order to achieve even paint coverage on an acoustic ceiling, you are going to have to use a lot of paint (not only are these ceilings bumpy in texture, they are also extremely porous, and will absorb a great deal of paint). Usually, it is most popular to just remove the acoustic ceiling completely, and update to a more modern and fresh look.

Removing acoustic ceilings.

It is very much possible to remove the popcorn ceiling texture yourself. A Google search can turn up numerous DIY instructions, and maybe a few YouTube videos showing you what to do. However, acoustic ceiling removal can be very time consuming, very messy, exhausting, and complicated- particularly if it is not done correctly, or if it is done by an amateur. Your best (and likely least aggravating) option may be to seek out a professional local company, like the professionals with 27 years of experience at Ross Brothers, who specialize in the no-mess removal of popcorn ceilings. Usually, Ross Brothers is able to complete these jobs in as little as 24 hours. Contact us today at 954-281-4088 in Broward County or 561-203-3398 in Palm Beach County.

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