Popcorn Ceiling Removal Can Be an Untidy Task

Popcorn ceiling removal can be a quite untidy task unless it is carried out in the proper way with the necessary precautions and preparations. Preparing a space for removal of popcorn ceilings is arguably one of the most significantly demanding aspects of the job, but is totally necessary to ensure as easy a cleanup as possible. The walls, flooring, and furniture within a space must be covered completely with plastic sheeting or with drop cloths, which also helps to avoid any potential damage. Failure to prepare for the job properly is likely to result in damage to your home. When this happens, things can quickly go from bad to worse. Hiring the professionals here at Ross Brothers, however, is a great way to safeguard your home. We take the time to protect your home, treating your space with the same care and consideration as we would our own homes. We have an impeccable focus on detail, and that is what makes Ross Brothers the most perfect candidates for the job.

What Is the “Popcorn” in Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

The term “popcorn ceiling” is one that is commonly used to describe a specific type of spray-on procedure that was a popular ceiling treatment between the 1950’s and 1980’s in both commercial and residential construction in the U.S. The ceilings in areas like the bedrooms, family rooms, and hallways of a home were often treated with this popcorn texture, while kitchens and bathrooms typically had a smooth, flat finish on the ceilings. While the ceiling treatment was great for its ability to hide flaws as well as offer qualities of noise reduction, popcorn ceiling removal eventually gained in popularity.Many homeowners wished to move away from its dated look towards something more modern and current with the times and direction of home design and style.

Solving the Problem of Popcorn Deterioration with Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Being quite bumpy and a challenge to clean, popcorn ceilings are consequently subject to collecting lots of grime, dust, and bacteria. This dirt collection has the potential to create or exacerbate allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Popcorn ceilings deteriorate, becoming flaky and crumble away over time. Their porous nature makes them difficult to repair or paint over, and removing the popcorn becomes the most obvious answer to the problem. Afterwards, a popcorn ceiling removal company, such as Ross Brothers, is able to assist the homeowner update their ceilings with a knock-down texture or the more modern smooth finish.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The Process of Ridding Yourself of Popcorn

After completing the preparation, the process of the actual removal of popcorn ceiling begins. A sufficient amount of water is sprayed over the popcorn texture, after which it is scraped off in layers down to the drywall. The popcorn texture, during this process, falls away directly to the plastic sheeting/drop cloths placed on the ground previously during the preparation step. After the texture has all been removed, the drywall is now exposed. This will reveal any visible holes, cracks, flaws, and other signs of damage that need to be repaired and fixed accordingly. Once repairs have been made, the drywall is sanded down to produce an even and level surface. The ceiling is then finished with either contemporary knock-down texture, or with a beautiful smooth finish.

Ross Brothers; The Professionals of Getting It Done

Popcorn ceiling removal can definitely be an exhausting, complicated, messy, and time intensive task. With all of those factors considered, it is not recommended for the DIY project novice to attempt the task themselves. Instead, rely on Ross Brothers. With our “100% No Mess Guarantee,” the only thing left behind is a beautiful finish on your ceiling. Call today for your free popcorn ceiling removal estimate: in Broward County, call 954-246-0883; in Palm Beach County, call 561-258-9468; and in Miami-Dade County, call 844-201-8283.

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