Homes That Have a Popcorn Ceiling in Wilton Manors

Many homes have a popcorn ceiling in them, many of them being in Wilton Manors, but popcorn ceiling has become outdated and, in some cases, can even be harmful. Many homeowners are trading in their popcorn ceiling for a newer style, such as knock down ceiling, stucco ceilings or simply smooth surface ones. Whatever type of alternative to popcorn ceiling in Wilton Manors you’re seeking, Ross Brothers is there to assist you. We specialize in popcorn ceiling removal and even do painting and other general contracting work as well. If you are tired of your old popcorn ceiling in Wilton Manors and would like a free estimate for fast, beautiful new ceilings or any other painting services, call Ross Brothers today at 954-246-0883.

Disadvantages of Popcorn Ceiling in Wilton Manors

There are numerous disadvantages to having popcorn ceiling. Perhaps one of the most significant disadvantages is that popcorn ceiling in Wilton Manors that were installed in homes prior to the 70s could be housing asbestos, which could be dangerous to the health of the residents within the home. Also, popcorn ceiling is more difficult to clean, repair, paint and maintain in general than other types of ceiling textures. Not only that, but we really hate thinking we have an older home that looks older only because of this outdated unfashionable popcorn ceiling. Why don’t you get this taken care of as soon as possible and give us a call. You don’t want it there, and you sure don’t want others to make remarks about it either.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

The process of removing popcorn ceilings can be a messy one, and we know how important your home is, and your priority to keep anything from happening to any of your home’s interior. Our technicians at Ross Brothers will never make a mess in your home. We stress neatness and cleanliness with our employees, so you can expect our workers to arrive on the job in clean company uniforms when they report for duty. Additionally, before they begin any projects, they go to great lengths to cover your walls and ceilings with plastic so that any falling ceiling, dust or debris will get caught within the plastic and then can easily be disposed of after our job is done. The process of removing popcorn ceilings begins with us wetting the popcorn to cause it to loosen up from the ceiling. Then, we use a specialized scraping tool to scrape the popcorn from the ceiling. After that, we can apply a layer of sheetrock mud to your ceiling and then sand it down to give you new, smooth surface.

We Love Fussy Customers

At Ross Brothers, we put customer satisfaction first. You are our highest priority, so much so that we want you to inspect our completed project with one of our supervisors to ensure that we have completely met your specifications. We want you to be completely satisfied with the craftsmanship that you receive from us, no matter whether it was simply removing your old popcorn ceiling for you, installing a new ceiling, doing paintwork or performing some other type of general contracting service. Ross Brothers has the experienced professionals technicians and equipment to make your ceilings and walls look like new again. Call us today at 954-246-0883 for a free 100% guaranteed estimate.