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If you live in an older house, there are a hundred things you can do to improve the way it looks but most of us forget about the ceiling. Even though it’s something we don’t stare at all the time, the ceiling can affect the mood of a home more than you think. After all, it covers as much surface area as the floor. If your ceiling has a strange bumpy look resembling cottage cheese, chances are you have a textured finish called “popcorn”. The popcorn texture was a popular way to finish ceilings in the 1950s. Today, the technique is rare in house construction and it is considered an unfashionable relic of the past. If you are tired of your old popcorn ceiling and would like a free estimate for professional popcorn removal in Tamarac or any other painting services, call Ross Brothers today at 954-246-0883.

Call Ross Brothers today and make the decision on your homes popcorn removal in Tamarac

Ross Brothers is a local company backed by more than 20 years of experience providing general contracting, painting and popcorn removal in Tamarac and the surrounding cities. A popcorn ceiling can be removed without damaging your home because nothing needs to be structurally changed in order to remove the textured layer that produces the popcorn effect. Ross Brothers will make the popcorn removal process painless, simple and we are skilled to leave no marks. Before we begin, our detailed technicians will lay down plastic sheeting and drop cloths to protect your floors, walls and personal items from any dust or falling debris. Later, the old popcorn layer is soaked with water to soften it for easier removal from the ceiling. After, it is carefully scraped off with a special tool and prepared for a new modern surface of your liking.

Ross Brothers can Install a Knock-Down Texture or a Fresh Smooth Finish

Your taste in style will determine whether you want the old popcorn ceiling replaced with a fresh smooth finish or a contemporary knock-down texture.  Either can be done to suit your needs and the decision is entirely up to you. When you hire Ross Brothers for popcorn removal in Tamarac, you can have peace of mind by knowing that we are a certified company that is licensed and insured for all general contracting services in South Florida. Our qualified crew will arrive at your property on time, in clean company uniforms, ready to make your home pleasurable to live in and to show to others. Our professional and quality work will leave your home free of any evidence that a crew has even been there.

Call Us Today for a Free Estimate and Ask About Our 100% No Mess Guarantee

When the time comes to update your house, Ross Brothers makes this home improvement very affordable without the need to get your hands dirty. Ross Brothers’ top priority is complete client satisfaction with every job performed. In fact, before each project can be considered complete, a quality assurance supervisor will review the project with the client to ensure they are completely satisfied with the results. Ross Brothers has the experienced professional technicians and equipment needed to make your ceilings and walls look like new again at a great price. Call us today at 954-246-0883 for a free estimate for popcorn removal in Tamarac and make sure to ask about our 100% no mess guarantee.