The History of Popcorn Ceilings and Popcorn Removal

With close to 30 years of experience in the industry, Ross Brothers is a leader in the field of popcorn removal in residential homes. Between the late 1950’s and into the 1980’s, the use of a spray-on or paint-on textured ceiling treatment known as popcorn ceiling was exceptionally popular in many American residential construction projects. The correct name, acoustic ceiling, was commonly used in bedrooms and hallways, because it had a great ability to be able to hide various imperfections on the ceiling with its bright white appearance. It had a fluffy and puffy look and feel, which earned it the nickname of “popcorn ceilings.” The material’s ability to be a good form of camouflage for the imperfections of a home’s ceiling meant that more and more homes- particularly brand new construction- would end up utilizing this finish.

Popcorn Removal

Problems with Popcorn Popping Up

While this type of textured ceiling material was extremely popular, the material itself used to commonly include the use of white asbestos in its creation. However, after discoveries were made regarding the severe health risks that are associated with asbestos, the Clean Air Act of 1978 banned companies from creating new batches of the ceiling texture containing white asbestos. Instead, materials such as paper-based products or Styrofoam were used in place of white asbestos. While the 1978 ban made the use of asbestos in the creation of new batches of the materials illegal, any reserved and leftover stocks that may have contained asbestos were still allowed to be used throughout the 1980’s in an attempt to minimize the impact and the economic hardship that could be caused to both suppliers and installers alike.

With the Clean Air Act of 1978 bringing to light the potential dangers and health risks of asbestos, many homeowners became concerned about the possibility of its presence in their own homes. Popcorn ceilings began to fall out of favor and popularity, and a new industry was created dedicated to what is now known as popcorn removal (or popcorn ceiling removal). Not only was the risk of asbestos and associated health risks a driving force in the motivation behind homeowners making the push for popcorn removal from their homes, the changing times and the shifts in interior design and style quickly saw the popcorn ceiling texture become outdated and falling out of fashion.

No Mess Popcorn Removal

When it comes to methods of popcorn removal, there are a variety of different techniques that can be employed to get the job done. In theory, simply scraping the texture from the ceiling ought to be sufficient and straight-forward enough as it is a painted or sprayed-on material. However, due to the risk of asbestos possibly being present in older homes, many homeowners opt to allow the professionals to handle the project. Additionally, the DIY approach to popcorn removal can often be a messy process. Ross Brothers offers homeowners a no mess popcorn removal service. Should you desire the popcorn textured ceilings of your home to be removed, without having to deal with the mess and fuss of the project yourself, we are entirely at your service. Our team of the most highly trained and professional experts and technicians are able to tackle the task of popcorn removal for you to your full satisfaction.

Options After Popcorn Removal

After you contact Ross Brothers for their popcorn removal services, you have some options as to the type of finish you would prefer for your home’s ceilings in lieu of the acoustic texture. The most common choices for ceiling finishes after popcorn removal are those of smooth finish and knockdown finish. Both finishing options are wonderful choices, and much of the decision will rely mainly on personal tastes and design style preferences. Prior to choosing the finishing option, however, there may be other work that is necessary to complete and/or fix following popcorn removal. One such potentially necessary task may be that of drywall repair. Popcorn or acoustic ceiling texture was a popular ceiling treatment due to its great ability of camouflaging imperfections and even slight and moderate damage to the ceiling. Once the camouflage is stripped, however, you may find that the ceiling is in need of some patching and repairing in order to maintain both structural integrity, as well as improve the overall aesthetic look and feel of the home as an entirety. The term drywall may seem to be a bit of a misnomer, especially when used in reference to ceilings. drywall, however, is simply another industry term for a material that is also known as sheetrock. While drywall (or sheetrock) is especially essential in the forming of interior walls of homes, it is simply a type of board that is made from various materials- such as wood pulp or plaster. Ross Brothers provides a full range of services other than popcorn removal for any and all of your home improvement, renovation, remodeling, and new construction needs. Drywall services are also offered to our clients, providing them with the highest quality and the most exceptional results imaginable.

Smooth Finish Ceilings

After popcorn removal, you have the option of giving your ceilings a smooth finish. There are benefits that come with this option. First, opting for a texture-free finish for your ceiling can achieve the visual effect of raising the ceiling. A textured ceiling can make the ceiling appear to be lower, as your focus is drawn to the texture on the ceiling itself. The second benefit is that the ceiling is less likely to accumulate and collect as much dust and dirt. Achieving this type of flawless ceiling involves more than simply scraping off and removing the previous popcorn texture. Once the popcorn removal is complete, the process must begin to repair any holes or highly visible damage in the ceiling’s drywall. Afterwards, the entire surface must be carefully and expertly sanded to make it as smooth as possible. Once the sanding and smoothing is completed, it is necessary to apply a high quality material that will treat the ceiling and offer a smooth, uniform look through a process known as “skim coating.” The process of achieving a smooth finish ceiling is a lot more labor intensive than what the typical DIY aficionado may be equipped to handle, and truly requires a skilled and experienced hand to achieve the best quality results.

Knock-down Texture Ceiling

Another popular option after popcorn removal is that of a knock-down texture ceiling. This drywall finishing style is a stippled texture treatment that is applied to the ceiling. While its look is one that is more intense than that of a flat, smooth finish ceiling, it is far less intense than ceiling textures such as popcorn ceiling or what is known as “Orange Peel” texture. After popcorn removal achieving the knockdown ceiling look requires applying joint compound that has been watered down to the ceiling’s drywall. It is applied using a tool called a trowel. As the compound begins to dry, it forms stalactites. Once dry, the trowel is run over the surface again, which knocks off the stalactites that have formed and leaves behind the stippled pattern. There are other methods that can and have been utilized to achieve the knockdown texture look after popcorn removal. For instance, the look can be achieved with a special type of textured mud, which is then applied with a special texture machine: spraying the mud on rather than painting/applying it by hand.

Finishing Touches

After popcorn removal in your home has been satisfactorily taken care of, you may require additional services within your home to really pull all the finishing touches together to achieve absolute perfection. Painting services are another of Ross Brothers’ specialties. Whether you are in need of interior painting or exterior painting, or possibly even both, we are the painting company that you can trust to make transforming your popcorn removal project into a more complete home improvement project. Put your trust and your home in the hands of a highly experienced and professional painting contractor that is able to deliver to you what the Ross Brothers difference is: Exceptional Quality and Satisfaction.

Wherever you may be in the South Florida area, Palm Beach County 561-258-9468, Broward 954-246-0883 or Miami-Dade County 844-201-8283, call upon Ross Brothers to get the most professional and highest quality service in the entire industry. Our decades of service and expertise in the industry make us the right choice each and every time not only for popcorn removal but for all of your home improvement needs.

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