A Smooth Finish to Your Ceiling

The term “smooth finish” is an industry term that refers to a specific type of drywall completion method, typically done after popcorn removal. With close to 30 years’ of experience and the highest level of quality, Ross Brothers are the smooth finish experts you want to complete the project in your home. Ceilings with the smooth method of finishes are becoming increasingly “en vogue,” and more and more homeowners are leaning towards this particular look within their own homes. Compared to the popcorn ceiling look of the 60’s through the 80’s, or the knock-down texture popular through the 90’s and earlier 2000’s, a smoother type of finish for ceilings and drywall is now considered to be much more aesthetically pleasing and offer a far less dated look to a home.

Smooth Finish

Considering Popcorn Removal with Smooth Finish

Looking to enhance the aesthetic qualities and visual splendor of their homes, many property owners are turning to Ross Brothers to inquire about our services for popcorn removal with smooth finish. The process of getting a smooth finish to your ceilings can be quite time consuming and labor intensive, especially if you are attempting to achieve a high quality finished product. Achieving this particular type of expert finish on your ceilings is something that can be quite difficult and is likely to have less-than-stellar results for the typical DIY enthusiast, or for individuals who lack the experience, knowledge, and necessary skills. Any imperfections in the sanding, smoothing, and application of the finish will be extremely visible unless the appropriate steps and precautions are taken.

Achieving the Best Smooth Finish

In order to achieve the absolute best smooth finish on your home’s ceilings, make sure to contact the experienced and skilled professionals of Ross Brothers. The process of applying this particular type of drywall finish begins after all the previous texture on the ceiling has been thoroughly removed, and all imperfections and necessary repairs have been taken care of. After the surface is carefully sanded to ensure the smoothest surface to work with, a skim coat of plaster must then be expertly and very carefully applied to the exposed drywall. This application of plaster will ensure that any joints, screws, fasteners, holes, or any imperfections are covered. It may be necessary to repeat the application process multiple times, to ensure the most uniformly flat and perfect surface possible is achieved. After this extremely labor and time intensive process, the surface is sanded completely smooth and level. This sanded down levelness and smoothness is where this drywall finish type gets its name from. After the process of making the surface smooth is complete, the ceiling is then ready to be primed for the application of paint.

Choose the Look of a Smooth Finish in Your Home

Allow us here at Ross Brothers to make your ceilings appear higher, brighter, and also help to reflect more light within any given room; choose the look of a smooth finish in your home. Call the professional specialists here at Ross Brothers today to get your free estimate, and also remember to inquire about the Ross Brothers’ 100% No Mess Guarantee! 844-201-8283 for Miami-Dade,  954-246-0883 for Broward residents, or   561-258-9468 for Palm Beach County.

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