Textured Ceiling Options for Your Home

A textured ceiling is a type of drywall completion technique that is applied to the ceilings of your home for the purpose of modernizing or renovation. One of the most popular types of textured ceiling options is that of Knock-down texture. This finish is achieved utilizing a water based non-toxic and non-hazardous material that is applied over the ceiling’s drywall to achieve a spotty or mottled surface. Typically, this type of application is completed following the task of removing popcorn ceilings. Applying a textured finish to your home’s ceiling is a task that Ross Brothers is able to accomplish for you in a manner that will meet and exceed your expectations of Exceptional Craftsmanship & Service. “Knock-down” (also “knockdown”) originates from the final stages of the application process, where a tool is used to quite literally “knock down” the stalactites that form once the material applied dries. When it comes to the options available for  textured ceiling in your home, knock-down is among the most popular due to its less intense look than other texture options such as “Orange Peel” or even “Popcorn” (acoustic).

Textured Ceiling

Removing a Textured Ceiling

When Removing the texture of the ceilings in your home, it is likely that stains or flaws within the drywall (or sheetrock) will be revealed after having been hidden by the original textured ceiling. Often, a homeowner may wish to begin this very common renovation type to add a brand new and distinctive look to what would otherwise be flat walls or ceilings. The intensity of the knock-down texture can be light, medium, or heavy, by requesting the appropriate application type of the mixture. Removing textured ceilings like those of popcorn in your home to give way to a better and more updated texture type like knockdown is an economical and beautiful way to transform your home from an older 60’s or 70’s era look to something much more modern, current, and contemporary.

Following Textured Ceiling Removal

When the first stage of a textured ceiling removal is complete, the sheetrock is likely to show areas that require repairs prior to completing any new texture application. After identifying any problem areas or necessary repairs, the issues are taken care of by the professional technicians of Ross Brothers. Once complete, your ceiling becomes a brand new canvas that is then ready for the desired texture application you have chosen. Applying texture is best done using professional grade spraying rigs (compared to hand held “Hopper Guns” that are more popular and readily available in DIY projects) to ensure that the texture is applied in a consistent and steady manner. With the DIY hopper gun, the spray texture is uneven and typically results in less than clean and accurate finished results. Once the texture spray is finished being applied, it will be left to dry. Then, a tool known as a knock-down knife (resulting in the namesake of the texture itself) is used to help balance out and to reduce any noticeable edges in the texture’s application. Prior to being ready for priming and painting, knockdown texture needs to be allowed to dry properly for at least 24 hours.

Ross Brothers for Your Textured Ceiling

Textured ceilings offer a great and cost effective option for sprucing up and improving your home. With Ross Brothers’ years of experience in both applying as well as removing textured ceilings, we are the name you can trust to get the best job possible. Give us a call today for your free estimate! In Broward, call 954-281-4099, and call 561-203-3399 in Palm Beach County and don’t forget to inquire about our 100% no mess guarantee.

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